Jordi degiorgi

cameraman  | Focus Puller & C.A.  |  Film Director  | drone pilot

SPRAY (2017) Short Film Directed by Jordi DeGiorgi | Selected in Cannes for the PanAfrican 2018 Edition

"Wow...congratulations !!! Will I see you guys in Cannes ?" Harris Tulchin, lawyer, Santa Barbara  -  "Compliments" Antonello Emidi, DoP, Italy - "A huge congrats!! Maria Forslin, Actress, Sweden - "Wow!!! Congrats to Jordi!! Roberto Herrador, Sound Designer, Spain  - "... it looks really good. Congrats to Jordi: he had hit a great topic which has never been done. OK I recognised the Africans language. Really good concept. I'm jealous a bit..." Yves Maurel, Film Director, Seychelles - I'm very impressed with Jordi's movie!!! He had me in tears!!! It is very realistic" Jeannine Ferreira, President LTG Foundation, South Africa, "Congratulations on this great achievement" David Stein, Film Department Manager @ CityVarsity in Cape Town - "Congrats!!! The way it was filmed looks like an Hollywood film" Claudia Antunes, model & actress, Portugal  -  "Uau many congratulations to Jordi: I hope all is going well!" Sofia Reis, Actress, Portugal - "Uhauuuu! What a good news! Well done Jordi: my compliments: dynamic movie, very touching and dramatically actual. We like it a lot, also the choice of the music and the way has been made. Go ahead: you gonna be a great director!Cristina Vargiu, lawyer assistant, Italy.  -  "I'm really impressed by your work with the limited resources you had" Yuri Arcurs, Photographer & CEO Yuri Arcurs Productions, Cape Town.

MALATERRA (2016) Short Film by Jordi DeGiorgi

A fly above Ticino: the Italian Corner of Switzerland