Jordi degiorgi

cameraman  | Focus Puller & C.A.  |  Film Director  | drone pilot

About me

I’m a Swiss Italian citizen living currently in Cape Town, South Africa. I studied at a media college called City Varsity which I have recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree on Directing, Cinematography & Lighting. In March 2018, my short movie "SPRAY" has been selected in Cannes for the PanAfrican Film Festival edition.

Throughout the three years course I have worked with photographic cameras such as the Canon DSLR and then ranked up to more cinematic cameras such as the Sony F5 which we used for making short films and music videos. For the last year of the course I learned to use the professional cinematic camera, like the ARRI Alexa. Our task for the last year was to make a 30 minute short film, which at the end of the year I was awarded by the College for best film of the year and its been submitted around South African festivals. I was offered the opportunity to do some side jobs during my time as a student by being a camera assistant for professional cinematographers where I learned a lot about the film industry.

I also did an internship for the Swiss Television called RSI, where I learn about how TV works differently compared to cinema. I learned about the process that it goes into making a cooking show, or a game show, the news, publicity, etc. It was all very interesting to know the amount of work and preparation that it goes for a daily show that is either live or on post.

In 2017 I was selected to co-direct a feature independent film called “Kristel” in Portugal, where famous stars from Hollywood like Eric Roberts and Drake Bell were among the cast. The equipment was the best on the market, from Arri Alexa with anamorphic lenses and among the crew professional filmmakers like the DoP Antonello Emidi who worked in “The English Patient’” and more recently in the RAI Fiction “Sottocopertura, l’arresto di Zagaria”.

I am really into film, I mostly adore gangster films such as “Goodfellas” or also action and mystery. In the near future, I would like to be working alongside other filmmakers that have my same ambition to make films that will be remembered and hopefully one day walk on the famous red carpet.

My hobbies are mostly sports such as soccer, tennis, golf, and fishing. However I also try finding singers who are interested into making music videos since I have the equipment and is a fast way to make good cash and get more experience. I also have a steadicam which I tend to use for music videos or short films and hopefully one day I can become a professional steadicam operator. My main objective is to become an excellent cinematographer and once I have that experience I would like to start directing my own films.

At the moment I collaborate with several production companies based in Cape Town and I'm specialized in stock footage videos for commercials as film director and sometimes also as cameraman, pull focus, editor and color grading. 

In the last years I started to be a drone pilot, camera assistant and pull focus and I have my own equipment and now I'm looking to participate in international movie productions in South Africa and Europe.

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Happy having met Aaron Taylor @ the 75th Locarno Film Festival, presenting  "Bullet Train" with Bratt Pitt and directed by David Leitch.